A crunchy biennial plant native to Eurasia that belongs to the Apiaceae family. Dill, carrots, fennel, and parsley are all related to this plant. Celery, which was originally grown for its supposed medicinal properties, has since made its way into the daily diets of people all over the world.

Celery is grown primarily in Benguet and Mt. Province in the Philippines. Celery is currently grown on an estimated 687 hectares in the aforementioned locations.


Fertilizer Management

  • Basal (2 days before transplanting)
  • 1st Sidedressing (10-15 days after transplanting)
  • 2nd Sidedressing (25-30 days after transplanting)
  • 3rd Sidedressing (40-45 days after transplanting)
  • chicken manure (1 kg/ m2)
  • 21-0-0 (3-4 bags/ha)
  • 21-0-0 (3-4 bags/ha)
  • 21-0-0 (3-4 bags/ha)
  • 14-14-14 (20 g /m2)
  • 4 6-0-0 (10 g/m2)

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