Urban gardening is the practice of cultivating and producing vegetables in urban areas. It helps in bringing nature back to the cities and provide access to healthy homegrown fresh vegetables. Whether they be small backyards, community gardens or container gardens, they are known to provide social, economic and environmental benefits in urban areas. Ramgo Seeds, being the pioneer and leader in urban home gardening, ensures that all gardening materials including seeds, media, pots, garden tools, crop nutrition and crop protection products are within your reach. Our products are available in malls, supermarkets, hardware stores and bookstores for customers’ convenience. (Ace Hardware, Robinson’s Handyman, True Value, Wilcon Depot, CSI Hardware, Citihardware, SM Supermarkets, Robinson’s Supermarket, Gaisano, Metro, Puregold, All Day, All Home, KCC Supermarket, LCC, NCCC, DIY, Landmark, Pandayan Bookshop and National Book Store.)

Ramgo Packet Original

Squash Golden Delicious
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Upo Tambuli Supreme
Tomato Cherry
Tomato Marglobe
Sugarpea Citsaro Green Smile
Radish White Icicle
Spinach Chivas
Pole Sitao Mega Green
Pechay Black Behi
Patola Datu Hava
Pakchoi Chinkang Green Bucks
Melon Gulfstream
Onion Red Creole
Okra Smooth Green
Mustard Namhong
Melon Honey Dew Green Love
Lima Bean Patani
Lettuce Cos Green
Lettuce Lollo Rossa
Lettuce Lollo Bionda
Lettuce Iceberg Great Lakes
Lettuce Black Simpson
Kinchay Genghis Khan
Kang Kong Chinese Upland
Kale Curly Red
Kale Curly Green
Kailaan Chun King
Hot Pepper Cordelia
Hot Pepper
Eggplant Ilokano
Eggplant American Beauty
Sweet Corn Sweet Fortune F1
Sweet Corn
Coriander Wansoy
Chinese Cabbage Michihili
Cucumber Poinsett
Bi-Color Waxy Corn Violeta
Bell Pepper Yolo Wonder
Beans Bush Sitao
Baguio Beans Jordan
Arugula Rocket Saladear
Ampalaya Sta. Isabelle
Alugbati Red Leaf
Alugbati Green Leaf

Ramgo Consumer Variety

Sunflower Helianthus Big Smile F1
Zinnia Whirlygig Imp Mixture
Zinnia Sweetland Scarlet F1
Zinnia Sweetland Rose F1
Zinnia Sweetland Coral F1
Zinnia Sunshine Mix
Zinnia Molino White
Vinca Carmina Pink
Vinca Carmina Rose
Sunflower Sunrich Orange F1
Salvia Sangria Bicolor Yellow / Red
Salvia Fizz Strawberry
Salvia Fizz Peach
Salvia Fizz Grape
Petunia Trilogy White F1
Petunia Trilogy Red Scarlet F1
Petunia Trilogy Purple F1
Petunia Trilogy Blue F1
Marigold French Tenifolia Starfire Mix
Marigold Harmony Yellow
Marigold Harmony Orange
Marigold Harmony Gold
Morning Glory Ipomoea Cameo Elegance
Melampodium Jackpot Gold
Limonium Pastel Shades
Gomphrena Purple Red
Gomphrena Audray Mix
Chrysanthemum Snowland
Celosia Castle Pink
Celosia Armor Orange
Coleus Giant Formula Mix
Cosmos Seashells Mix
Capsicum Maya Mambo Mixture
Calendula Zen Gold
Aster Kurenai Red
Aster Daylight Violet
Aster Daylight Red
Antirrinium Palette Formula Mix

Yates Seeds

Zinnia White
Zinnia Purple
Zinnia Polynesian
Zinnia Palette D’ Artist
Zinnia Pink
Zinnia Orange
Zinnia Lilliput
Zinnia Green Envy
Zinnia Gold Medal
Virginian Stock
Viola Toyland
Sunflower Yellow Empress
Stock Dwarf Beauty
Statice Everlasting
Snapdragon Tom Thumb
Snapdragon Tetra Mixed
Salvia Dwarf Scarlet
Petunia Border Gem
Marigold Crackerjack
Pansy Roggli Giant
Phlox Drumondi Dwarf
Petunia Rosy Morn
Marigold Petite Yellow
Marigold Frilly Francais
Marigold Cupid Mixed
Livingstone Daisy
Linaria Fairy Bouquet
Lavender Munstead Dwarf
Larkspur Rainbow Giant
Impatiens Busy Lizzie
Hollyhock Double Elegance
Forget-Me-Not Little Bluebird
Everlasting Daisy
Corn Flower Double Mixed
Dahlia Cinderella
English Daisy
Dianthus Peppermint
Dianthus Double Pinks
Delphinium Pacific Giants
Carnation Chaubaud Gem
Cottage Garden Mix
Cosmos Sensation
Coleus Pots O’ Beauty
Cockscomb Floral Coral
Clarkia Peach Blossom Mix
Chrysanthemum Autumn Brilliance
Celosia Painted Ostrich
Californian Poppy Sunshine Mix
Carnation Fragrance
Calendula Pacific Beauty
Cactus Prickly Mix
Aster Colour Carpet
Alyssum Carpet of Snow
Ageratum Blue Mink
Balsam Superb Double Mix
Aster Crego Giant
Balsam Bambino

Pots and Propagations

Plate Only 3's
Deep Saucer Plate
Wall Hang Vertical Rectangular Pot
Wall Hang Vertical Garden Pot 10's
Wall Hang Cosmos Semi Round
Wall Hang Fence Rectangular
Wave Pot & Saucer
Tulip Plastic Pot & Saucer
Tall Pot & Saucer Clay
Stackable Saucer
Stackable Pot
Simplee Pot and Saucer
Shimmery Pot & Saucer
Scallop Pot
Rustic Square Pot & Saucer
Rustic Hexagon Pot & Saucer
Rectangular Pot with Strainer
Rectangular Pot with Saucer
Propagation Pot 5's
Octagon Plastic Pot
Oakwood Log Pot
Ionic Square Pot & Saucer
Hanging Flowerette Pot & Saucer
Hanging Cirq Pot & Saucer
Hanging Basket with Inner Pot
General Pot
Dainty Plastic Pot 10's
Dahlia Pot & Saucer
Crown Rec Pot & Saucer
Colored Collar Black Pot & Saucer
Chrysanthemum Pot Clay
Chantilly Pots 3's
Bonsai Petite Oval Pot with Saucer
Bench Rectagular Pot
Beehive Pot

Nutrition and Protection

Siam Early Grow
Hormex Plant Hormone
Atonik Forte
Vermicast Earthworm Castings
Urea Granular Fertilizer
Complete Granular Fertilizer
Ammonium Phosphate Granular Fertilizer
Siam Fat Fruit Foliar Fertilizer
Siam Balance Foliar Fertilizer
Siam Growth Foliar Fertilizer
Siam Bloom Foliar Fertilizer
Growers Gold Growth
Growers Gold Bloom
Growers Gold Balance
Groviota Growth
Groviota Bloom
Nutricote Controlled Release Fertilizer

Medium and Implements

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Moss, Dry Sphagnum
Vermiculite, Medium
Seed Raising Mix, Soil-Less Medium
Potting Mix, Soil-Less Medium
Pumice Stone, Medium
Peat Moss, Medium
Coco Peat Fine
Coco Moss Fiber
Coco Cubes 1"
Coco Chunks 3"
Ramgo International
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