Onion (Allium cepa) is a popular vegetable grown for its pungent bulbs and flavorful leaves which are favorite seasonings ideal for spicing meat, salads, and vegetable dishes. Onion grows well in friable and well-drained loamy soil with good water holding capacity. Temperature ranges from 13 to 24°C with an optimum pH of 6-6.8. Onion can be direct-seeded or transplanted depending on the planting season. It is ready for harvest when half of the tops have fallen.


Fertilizer Management

  • Basal (2 days before transplanting)
  • 1st Sidedressing (14 days after transplanting)
  • 2nd Sidedressing (50-60 days after transplanting)
  • Chicken Manure (1kg/ m²)
  • 46-0-0 Fertilizer (100kg/ ha)
  • 46-0-0 Fertilizer (100kg/ ha)
  • 14-14-14 Fertilizer (20g/ m²)
  • 14-14-14 Fertilizer (150kg/ha)
  • 14-14-14 Fertilizer (150kg/ha)
  • 46-0-0 Fertilizer (10g/ m²)

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