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Ramgo's Newest Fantastic Four

Ramgo releases four new varieties

In the midst of the on-coming rainy season, four new vegetable varieties emerge from the Ramgo compound, bringing along the assurance that these high quality varieties are out to satisfy Filipino farmers and consumers alike. Introducing the four new varieties of Ramgo seeds: The Squash Karisma, Broccoli Fiesta, Cucumber Hermes, and the Cabbage Prosper King.

Karisma is a flat-round type squash that exhibits excellent resistance to diseases, particularly the infamous leaf curl virus also known as "pangungulot" - and it can also resist the destructive downy mildew. But Karisma does not stop there - it can produce a potential yield of up to 35 tons per hectare, and the harvestable fruits can weigh up to 6-7 kilograms each. 

Fiesta, the excellent all-season broccoli, can give our farmers and consumers a great experience, with its high quality dome-shaped compact curds, all perfected with the fine beads and topped with its good long distance shipping quality. Now that's excellent quality control, in and out of the farm.

Hermes - an Amazones-type cucumber with good growth, good productivity and excellent fruit quality, proves its worth by exhibiting vigorous plant growth while resisting the threats of diseases in the field, such as powdery mildew and downy mildew, making it a top choice for year-round planting.

Last but definitely not the least, Prosper King also shows everyone what a high quality cabbage is all about: compact, uniform and heavy heads with strong resistance to pests such as the Diamondback moth and black rot disease, you'll definitely feel like a king with the benefits that this promising cabbage will give our dear farmers.

So there you have it: These four fantastic new varieties will definitely make not just us proud, but also our farmers - and even the consumers - will surely hit a smile as they experience these high quality varieties. Make yourself proud, too.

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