Ramgo Peppers Impress Trade Show Visitors

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Among the attractions during the recent Agrilink trade show were the beautiful fruits of hot pepper, Panigang and sweet peppers showcased by Ramgo Seed International.

A visitor who was obviously fascinated by the big and immaculately clean fruits of the Magnum finger pepper remarked that two pieces of the same cost P10 at the Pasig market.

Img 2710.

Mona Visitacion showing beautiful Magnum fruits that cost P5 apiece at the Pasig market.

Another fellow who saw the bright red fruits of Portia, a hot pepper hybrid, said he will be planting the variety because the price of hot chili is always high. He said the will need at least 30 seedling trays of ready-to-plant seedlings.

The fruits of Thames sweet pepper also attracted the attendees of the expo. The variety is high-yielding and is good for planting in high elevation as well as in the lowland. The fruits are big which turn red when ripe.

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Even when the sweet pepper is still green, it is already suitable for cooking. It makes a tasty dish by simply slicing the fruit into small pieces and sauteeing it together with diced onion and tomato plus fish sauce to taste. We know it is good because we have done it.

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Cassandra Chan and Thames sweet pepper.

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