Lisianthus from botanical name Eustoma grandiflorum. These are long-stemmed flowers which are in high demand for bridal bouquet and other special occasions because of its broad-ranging colors.

Planting Guide


Light required for germination

  • Germination Temperature: 15-25°C I 60-77° F
  • Plug Media EC | pH: 0.5 mS/cm I pH6.5
  • Recommended Plug Size: #200, #288, #406 cell tray filled with well-drained media Keep even moisture until germination period

Young Plant

After germination, place seedlings where there is adequate air circulation

  • Temperature : 25°C I 77°F days, 15°C I 60°F nights
    Be careful not to exceed 22°C / 72°F at night to prevent rosetting. Young seedlings are very sensitive to high temperatures.
  • Additional Fertilizer: 100-150 ppm of nitrogen; check that the color of the leaves does not fade. Low fertilization level may stall plant growth.
  • Keep conditions moderately dry to establish healthy root systems. When the third pair of true leaves starts opening, it is time to transplant into a cut flower bed. Lisianthus has a very sensitive root system, check root condition constantly. Stress from holding in the plug tray too long before field planting can lead to poor root development and shorter stems especially under long day conditions.

Preparing Beds

Pre-watering deep into the soil is recommended to encourage producing deeper roots for better growth.

  • It is desirable to plow deeply, a minimum depth of 12 inches (30 cm) because Lisianthus has one primary long root.
  • Beds need ample soil moisture and fertility levels to allow the development of a strong, deep root system that can sustain later healthy growth and readily access ground moisture and nutrition.
  • Over acidic soil condition may cause delay of growth, so pH6.5-7.0 and EC 0.3-0.4 dS/m are recommended.
  • There is some possibility of soil borne pathogens if you continue to grow Lisianthus on the same field for multiple years.
  • Crop rotation and I or disinfecting the field before transplanting is recommended.


Transplanting in the morning or early evening is recommended to avoid strong daytime sun

  • Young plants get stressed if the cultural condition between plug stage and transplanted stage is greatly changed.
  • About a week before transplanting, gradually acclimate seedlings to the new environment.
  • Planting young plants unnecessarily deep may cause physiological disorders.
  • Transplant into bed with planting distance of 12 cm x 12 cm / 5 inches x 5 inches or 10 cm x 15 cm / 4“ x 6”


Provide enough water until flower bud initiation stage

  • After flower bud initiation, gradually reduce the amount of watering to prevent soft growth and encourage strong stems.
  • Moderate air circulation in greenhouse will help prevent tip-burning as well as fungal diseases.
  • High temperatures over 35°C / 95°F may cause improper flower development and reduce the number of petals
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