Ramgo International Corporation

Ramgo International Corporation

About Us

Ramgo International Corporation was established in 1966 by the late Ramon A. Ong who during that time noticed that our Filipino farmers always look for a reliable source of high quality seeds at the most economical price.

Ramgo has since taken the challenge of the varying trends in the seed industry particularly the introduction of Hybrid vegetable varieties.Ramgo continues its task of providing the world’s best seeds and has an ongoing research program to screen and test newer and better vegetable varieties to enable our Filipino grower and make his produce compete in the global market.

It has various trial areas all over the Philippines in collaboration with prestigious state universities. This concept behind the collaboration is to test the vegetable varieties in the environment where it is best suited. Ramgo’s technical staff consists of fresh and brilliant agriculturists and are deployed all over the country to disseminate new techniques in the field of horticulture through farmer meetings and demonstration areas.

Our mission is to constantly bring the world’s best high quality seeds to the farmers and render as much service as possible for the betterment of the Filipino farmers.

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Ramgo International Corporation
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Quezon City, 1104 Philippines

(at the back of old Pantranco Bus terminal on Quezon Ave. Cor. Roosevelt Sts.)

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